Recent Rumors Against MEXC Global Clarified

Rumor № 1: “Dumping MINIDOGE”

Due to the recent spread of malicious rumors such as “MEXC dumping MINIDOGE” in the community, the reputation of MEXC has been negatively affected. In reality, as a trading platform, MEXC only provides users with a trading venue and does not interfere or get involved with the secondary market. All data regarding deposits can be confirmed on the blockchain.

Screenshot of Account A’s Deposit Records
Screenshot of Account B’s Deposit Records

Rumor № 2: “User Refunds”

Recently, MEXC noticed that there are some people who posted malicious articles about MEXC and fabricating rumors that MEXC has clarified countless times, with the intention of confusing the public. According to the other investigation, MEXC has encountered organized and systematic public opinion attacks and slander from competitors, third-party organizations. MEXC has already provided a response in regards to these matters, at the same time, collected the relevant evidence to investigate the legal responsibilities of organizations and individuals that spread such malicious rumors and slander. MEXC emphasizes “Do not commit evil acts”, and also hopes that the partners and media will stick to this until the end.

Rumor № 3: “MEXC made political remarks”

In fact, the so-called “MEXC political opinion” refers to malicious forgery of individual users on the MEXC messenger, by forging and posting using MEXC’s icon. MEXC has made clarifications in regards to this matter, at the same, time reported relevant information about the poster to the relevant authorities.

Rumor № 4: “MEXC does not distribute dividend tokens”

In fact, MEXC will have irregular snapshots. Users will be allocated with new token assets according to their position situation. Due to the large amount of data, it will take some time for the technology to process the distribution. More relevant data can be obtained through the BSC Hot Wallet inquiry link: . MEXC is user-centric and prioritizes users’ interests. Users’ supervision and feedback are welcomed.

Rumor № 5: “MEXC Shadow Wallet”

In reality, MEXC currently have two BSC On-chain Wallet addresses:

About Delisting BABYDOGE

By collecting the opinions of the community users’, MEXC delisted the spot and margin trading of BABYDOGE/USDT. For the users who are still holding BABYDOGE, please withdraw as soon as possible. MEXC will reduce the withdrawal costs in order to protect the rights and interests of users.

About Delisting MINIDOGE

After communicating with the MINIDOGE project party, the project party has canceled the withdrawal and dividend distribution to MEXC’s addresses. Normal withdrawals are currently supported. MEXC has delisted MINIDOGE so please withdraw your tokens to your official wallet. In addition, in order to protect the interests of the users, Scheme 1 works normally and users can choose to exchange or withdraw.

Founded in 2018, MEXC Global is a centralized exchange that employs a high-performance mega-transaction matching technology.