Concluding Xpedition Series 1

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? With that, we have come to the end of our Xpedition Series 1! Matcha wants to thank all of his curious Xplorers fans for providing tremendous support in this exciting journey. It has always been encouraging to read emails and DMs from our fans and your warm words became our motivation when the going gets tough.

Before we conclude this journey, let us recap the memorable moments in this Xpedition.

First off, Matcha kickstarted his Xpedition with our beloved pioneer of blockchain technology, Satoshi Nakamoto, and how blockchain works in the real world. As we picked up speed, we went into the leading cryptocurrency of today, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Later on, Matcha plunged deep into the trenches of smart contracts, DApps, and Wallets. Just as his curious Xplorers thought it was over, Matcha flew his Xplorers to the peak of altcoins, offerings and meme coins! Finally, Matcha ended this Xpedition with a soft landing by comparing crypto to traditional stocks.

Of course, all of these are just brief moments, there are many more heart-warming instances where our Xplorers can recap by heading to our Medium posts! In case you missed out anything, here are all the links to our Xpedition Series 1:

Week 1: Intro to Cryptocurrency —
Week 2: Intro to Bitcoin —
Week 3: Intro to Ethereum Part I —
Week 4: Intro to Ethereum Part II —
Week 5: All About Wallets —
Week 6: All About Altcoins —
Week 7: Blockchain Forks —
Week 8: All About Offerings —
Week 9: All About Meme Coins —
Week 10: This or That? —

Although this Xpedition series has ended, Matcha wants Xplorers to keep learning just like him, it is never too old to start learning or Xploring this everchanging world of cryptocurrency. In this journey, there were fun-filled and loving times, as well as tear-jerking moments; all of which are etched in Matcha’s heart for as long as he lives! It is tearful to say goodbye but let us take heart that “goodbyes are not forever and not the end, it only means that Matcha will miss his Xplorers till they meet again”.

With that, stay tuned to all our socials and look out for Matcha as we create better content for Xpedition Series 2!



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