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Boba Brewery is the first fully decentralized fundraising platform in the Boba ecosystem and it aims to provide a high-quality optimization of project fundraising. As the first launchpad on the Boba chain, it prioritizes launching projects on the Boba network to connect investors looking for initial decentralized exchange offerings. Fairness, safety and transparency are the top missions it seeks to benefit all token holders with any size of the investment. To make Boba Brewery an innovative community, it has designed a zero-fee strategy on its smart contract, making participation available to everyone.

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Benefits of Boba

One interesting feature that sets Boba Brewery aside is that it is free of charge, yes, Boba Brewery does not require any transaction fee for users when they stake/unstake on their platform.

Boba Brewery is also the first place for users to find their next big projects on the Boba chain and they can save considerable gas fees on Boba Brewery’s platform.

Boba Brewery’s token distribution algorithms ensure that all IDO buyers get a fair allocation when bidding for IDOs. These algorithms follow a system of guaranteed allocation that lets all the participating users get a pre-set number of tokens under all the staking tiers.

This equitable treatment means that Boba Brewery offers its users a high-quality experience with project funding. Instead of just acting as an exchange or a medium of connectivity between users and different various early-stage projects, Boba focuses on picking projects that promise high value over the long term.

Equal treatment of all users can be said to be the most important focus point in Boba Brewery. Token shortages are a normal problem for all participants. This shortage is worsened by a lack of fixed allocation spots.

How does Boba Brewery Works?

Currently, in the IDOs or staking events of top-quality projects, a large part of the members voting, or bidding get a few tokens after long allocating processes. This is a matter of complaint about most users that would prefer getting a larger share of tokens. Boba Brewery offers guaranteed allocation levels for all interested members. This means that all users will get a base allocation of tokens according to what level they opted for.

This allocation process is more efficient as users and event managers know how many tokens they will get and will issue respectively. This transparency is a sustainable plan for managing popular and high-demand projects through the Boba Brewery platform. According to the current standards in the crypto industry, Boba will release all the smart code to third parties for audit purposes.

Eventually, all source code will become public and then handed over to the Boba Brewery Community and DAO for management and safekeeping.

BRE Token of Boba Brewery

Boba Brewery’s native platform token is the $BRE and it has a key role on the platform. It lets its holders use the Boba Brewery launchpad, stake their digital assets, and vote on governance issues. The token is meant for use as a utility coin and will be promoted for use as a tool for promoting the Boba Protocol.

  • Allocation staking: BRE is the only token used for allocation staking for all IDO projects. Rewards: users can always receive rewards by staking $BRE tokens.
  • Access service: BRE token is used as the utility token to access all the services provided by the Boba Brewery platform and the Community.
  • Governance: BRE tokens offer voting rights in our community and DAO. A user’s vote weight is based on the amount of BRE tokens the user has at the time of the vote.

The total supply of the $BRE tokens is 1,000,000,000 and it is fixed. There will be no increase.

The Boba Brewery Token Tiering System

Boba Brewery follows a set five-tier system that guarantees tokens during IDOs. The staked tokens determine the IDO allocation based on the following tiers:

  • Tier 1: $BRE Staked — 0–5,000 (1x IDO allocation)
  • Tier 2: $BRE Staked — 5,001–25,000 (2x IDO allocation)
  • Tier 3: $BRE Staked — 25,001–50,000 (3x IDO allocation)
  • Tier 4: $BRE Staked — 50,001–100,000 (4x IDO allocation)
  • Tier 5: $BRE Staked — 100,001-Max.Allocation (5x IDO allocation)

Token Allocation

The allocation and tier system of the BRE token would ensure successful launches for innovative decentralized projects on the Boba Brewery platform. By distributing strategic, private and public sales over many different participants, Boba Brewery can create the fairest token distribution at launch with no single entity holding a large supply quantity.

  • Strategic round: 10.3% — 3-month cliff, then 8.33% released bi-monthly for next 24 months
  • Private round: 8% — 3 month cliff, then 11.11% released bi-monthly for next 18 months
  • Public Sale: 2% — 100% unlocked at TGE
  • Airdrops: 1% — 100% unlocked at TGE
  • Foundation: 20% — 25% unlocked at TGE, then 3.13% released monthly for the next 24 months
  • Advisor: 2% — 3-month cliff, then 8.33% released bi-monthly for next 24 months
  • Community (Staking, Rewards): 37% — 5% unlocked, then 3.96% released monthly for the next 24 months
  • Team: 19.7% — 3-month cliff, then 5.56% released bimonthly for next 36 months

Key Highlights

  • Fairness: Boba provides guaranteed transparent allocation tiers for all the potential users, to make sure every participating user has an allocation spot.
  • First opportunity: As the first launchpad on the Boba chain, we gain the highest priority of launching projects on the Boba network; Our advocators always get access to the first opportunity for the next big thing!
  • Free of charge: With our goal of making Boba Brewery an innovative community, we designed a Zero-Fee strategy on our smart contract, making participation available to everyone.

Boba Brewery Future Development

“In a decentralized world, we believe a passionate community and decentralized autonomous organization will lead our launchpad to success. Our platform aims to benefit all stakeholders with any size investment. The native token will be used to offer governance rights and other potential benefits to token holders on the platform. After the initial launch, the entire platform will gradually convert itself to a fully decentralized application with on-chain voting as long as the community has enough engagement. The governance will be in charge of the Boba Brewery treasury.”

As the founder of Boba Brewery said, the mission is to bring world-class projects to Boba Brewery and make it an innovative community. Nothing can hold the community back, as fair, secure and transparent fundraising is what drives Boba Brewery forward.

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